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Monday, May 3, 2010
  With big upgrades, the enhanced Military & Aerospace Electronics Website just keeps getting better
Posted by John Keller

If you haven't already seen it, surf on over to the redesigned Military & Aerospace Electronics Website at, which incorporates news and feature content from Avionics Intelligence -- the sister franchise to Military & Aerospace Electronics in the PennWell Aerospace & Defense Media Group.

What you'll see is not only the best of the content, look, and feel of that you've come to depend on from Military & Aerospace Electronics, but also a host of improvements we designed to help you, the reader, navigate the site more easily and more quickly than you can today, get more pertinent content, and find reasons to come back frequently.

One of the biggest changes we made involves topic centers. Today we have a few, and plan to have a lot more in the near future. These topic centers, which today involve embedded computing and Avionics Intelligence content, are designed to give readers a quick snapshot of what's important in their industries.

Click on the gray embedded computing button right underneath the Military & Aerospace Electronics logo, for example, and you'll find the ten-or-so most recent stories we've posted on this topic. In the near future we plan to add stories to enable you to see all stories pertinent to this topic that we have posted in the past year -- and beyond.

Now click on the Avionics Intelligence button just to the left of the embedded computing button. Here you'll find 100 percent avionics content, ranging from military, to commercial, to business aviation, and general aviation, as well as air traffic control, ground-based communications and everything else avionics -- nose to tail, air to ground, and gate to gate.

In the not-too-distant future we plan to add topic centers such as power electronics, software, design and development tools, integrated circuits, communications, test and measurement equipment, sensors, and components. If it's important to you, we'll cover it, and make it as quick and easy for you to find as possible.

There's more than topic centers to the new Mil & Aero Website. The navigation bar underneath the home page logo also easily leads readers to our latest content in Webcasts, white papers, the Mil & Aero Command Post online community, the updated buyers guide, and additional content on our site. Look beside the Military & Aerospace Electronic logo to find buttons that will lead readers to the Avionics USA and Avionics Europe, as well as the Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum trade shows.

Something else you'll notice about the new site is we don't just want you to be part of the audience; we want you to participate as well. Besides links to the Mil & Aero Command Post online community, the redesigned Mil & Aero home page gives readers a quick glance at the latest Twitter tweets involving Military & Aerospace Electronics.

Want your tweet to show up on our home page? Just include the hashtag #milaero, and tweet away. You can see your words of wisdom right on our home page just below and to the right of the Industry News Flash section as you scroll down the page.

Something you might not notice is the amount of content you can browse through on the redesigned Military & Aerospace Electronics home page. On the old page you had a limited number of stories contained in the news, Defense Executive, and Industry News Flash sections. Now you can hit the "more" button to your heart's content to browse from the latest to the oldest stories.

We're particularly proud of the top component of the redesigned home page, which gives readers a rotating look at our most recent exclusive content, which consists of in-depth features, guest viewpoints, question-and-answer interviews, and more. Click the forward arrow to take yourself to the array of feature stories, or simply sit back and let the selections parade past you.

There are more improvements to come to the Military & Aerospace Electronics home page. Stay tuned, and come back often to see what we have to offer. You can still see the same great sections you've come to know, such as latest news, Defense Executive for program managers and executives, and Industry News Flash for the latest new products and design-in case studies.


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