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Friday, May 22, 2009
  Take time...and perhaps see Terminator

Posted by Courtney E. Howard

Money and time are tight; and, because I cannot seem to pull away from work long enough to get to the gym lately, money, time, and my pants: all tight. Yet, as we likely all do from time to time, I felt the need for some escapism, to get out of the day-to-day routine. I indulged in a late-night movie, Terminator Salvation. Boy am I glad I did. It may seem like a stretch, but truly, it left me with a renewed appreciation for the industry I am so pleased to be a part of and to serve.

I highly recommend seeing Terminator Salvation. The story is decent, the acting is good, the action is intense, and the computer graphics/visual effects are phenomenal; most importantly, the technology -- defense and civilian -- is attention-grabbing, and even a bit awe-inspiring.

I've compiled a list of mil-aero/defense technologies that stood out for me in the film. I'm certain there are others I missed in the blaze of CG glory that was this film, so I might have to take it in again. (Darn!)

Bell helicopters
Rugged displays -- including one from Digital Systems Engineering (
Unmanned aerial systems
Unmanned ground systems
Unmanned underwater systems
Autonomous robots
Electronic warfare
Signal generation
Signal jamming
Computer hacking
Rugged handheld computers
Fuel cells -- portable nuclear power
Defense programs

In a word: awesome. Have a wonderful, well-deserved long holiday weekend. I hope you take time for yourself, and perhaps even take in a cool, new flick. If you do, let us know.
Crystal Group Inc.'s computers are also featured in key scenes of Terminator Salvation.

Crystal Group's RS47F and RS234T rugged servers and rugged displays, including the RD2217, are featured prominently as workstations in the command center used by John Connor and his fellow Resistance fighters. Crystal Group servers and displays were chosen for rugged design, use in military applications, and presumably their ability to survive the nuclear annihilation brought on by Skynet in the film. Crystal Group's futuristic design and construction techniques were deemed to be an excellent fit for the period of the film, reveals a company representative.
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